My BIRTHDAY Wish List ♥ {Part 2}

HURAAAH, Finally I get to share the second part of my wish list with you guys. I am so sorry I am only uploading it now, it has been quite a hectic week that’s past…Like I mentioned in Part 1 of my Birthday wish list here it is almost time to celebrate my 29th Birthday, and I figured that sharing all the goodies I am currently lusting after would a great way of celebrating it with all of you in

Anni King Now Available Online

I am sure most of you have heard of the name Anni King by now, whether you’ve seen it on Facebook or Twitter, in various fashion glossies like Elle & Grazia or even in Woman & Home Magazine. Anni King brings us handcrafted, luxury leather art pieces fit for today’s modern women, without compromising on style or sophistication remaining timeless and classic. Anni King is the brain child of Joanna Chen who was raised in South Africa. The name of

My BIRTHDAY Wish List ♥ {Part 1}

Hey girl, it’s your Birthday and we’re going to party like it’s your Birthday… *catchy song stuck in my head while I am writing this post* I cannot believe that it is the last week in November already “gulp”…. Where has this year gone? So much still to do before Christmas, which is like only 1 month and 1 day away… Eeep! Ok, ok… focus girl, this post is dedicated to your Birthday lusts and wants, NOT about the Christmas

I took the Plunge – Welcome to my world

My very first blog post!!! YAYNESS… I am so excited about this journey and I am looking forward to sharing it with you. See this as an introductory post of what this blog will be about. The name of my blog actually suggests that this will be a blog about how to live on the bare minimum in life, you know, Lightly, without lots of drama and definitely without the amounts of makeup and beauty products that I have. This