About Me

Hello there, my name is Martie and I am so happy that you popped in to visit my blog!

I have always had a love for all the beautiful and fabulous things in life, like – makeup, shoes, gorgeous handbags, nail art, the 50’s era, music, perfume…. And the list goes on.

Living Lightley is my little corner of happiness where I will share my thoughts and opinions on mainly beauty, skincare, makeup, nail care and anything else in between that makes me happy. My posts will always be 100% honest and I will try and keep them as informative, fun and to the point as possible.

So lets get a bit personal:  I am a born and bread small town girl from the Bushveld in South Africa and I am currently living in Bahrain with my wonderful husband and best friend in the whole world ♥ At the moment I am a lady of leisure who loves to travel & I am enjoying it for now. I absolutely love music, movies, shopping, reading & catching up on my favourite blogs and spending quality time with my loved ones. I am addicted to coffee, chocolate, nail polish, collecting perfume, Instagram and Kareoke… Oh and I love spending time at a Spa being pampered (lets be honest, who doesn’t right?) Jip, that is me, in a nutshell… But then again, I am like an onion… I’ve got LAYERS

I hope you enjoy reading my blog & spending time here…