{Review} The WINNING Micro-Pedi Electronic Foot File

Micro Pedi

Hello beauties…. Can you believe it is February already? Well I can’t… It is like where the heck is the time going? You feel me? *giggles*  I know I have been very quit and SUPER bad at blogging on a regular basis, but things have been a bit hectic here (won’t bore you with all the boring deets… please forgive me?!)  I am however seriously going to try and focus more of my energy on my blog! *makes mental note*

Today I want to talk a bit about my NEW obsession, The Emjoi Micro-Pedi! I have been planning on writing this review for about more than a week now, and after having a sick hubby at home (don’t get me wrong, I loved every moment of having Le Husband home for a week as I just came back from a month long holiday in SA without him *sad face* & we only see each other on weekends here), I am finally getting around to doing it.  So here goes….

Micro Pedi

To be honest I have never heard of The Micro-Pedi before I was lucky enough to win one last year on their Facebook page and boy was my interest piqued after receiving this guy! *Just a note: My first gadget wasn’t working so I contacted the lovely people at Micro-Pedi South Africa and the very sweet Russel sent me a brand spanking NEW one to try out, complete with batteries and a special hand written note! Thank you so much for the special touch you guys*

Eish I am getting side tracked here…

The Micro-Pedi is a Multi Award Winning hand held, battery operated pedicure device that promises beautiful feet in just seconds. The unique micro-mineral roller spins 360 degrees, at 30 times per second to gently remove the hard and rough skin. It is also kitted out with a safety mechanism that kicks in when you press the roller to hard on your skin, which then makes the unit stop spinning. So no chances of hurting yourself or nicking the skin, which I do on a regular basis with normal foot files. Lol…

So, does it work you ask?  ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!!!! I have been using this baby for the past couple of months or so and let me tell you, my heels have never looked so good. To be honest, I was really skeptical at first… I mean how was this little thingy going to get rid of my hideously cracked heels and the little “bumps” of hard skin on the balls of my feet? Surprise Surprise… After just one use they were almost gone! And the amount of skin that came off my feet was to say the least, DISGUSTINGLY amaze-ballz! I kinda wish I had taken before and after photies to be able to show you, but alas, I did not. There is however a bunch of cringe worthy, ‘real life’ before and afters available on the net with just the press of a button as well as rave reviews from all over the world!

Top Tip: I use it before a bath as it has to be used on dry skin and then afterwards I slather on some cream and put some socks on before I go to bed. In the morning when I wake up I have gorgeously soft footsies. Yay!

Micro Pedi 1

I am quite wonderfully impressed with this little guy and would happily repurchase a new gizmo should mine break.

The Micro-Pedi comes with a cleansing brush and a protective clear cap to keep your roller safe and dust free. It retails for R399,00 on the Micro-Pedi South Africa online shop with free delivery in SA. You can also buy replacement rollers which retails for R199,00 for a pack of 2 (and just between you and me, they last quite long depending on how often you use your file and the condition of your feet)

I can for the life of me not find their Facebook Page anymore, which is very strange…. but you can follow Micro-Pedi South Africa on their Instagram page here

Have any of you tried this handy little tool and what did you think?

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