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Anni King

I am sure most of you have heard of the name Anni King by now, whether you’ve seen it on Facebook or Twitter, in various fashion glossies like Elle & Grazia or even in Woman & Home Magazine. Anni King brings us handcrafted, luxury leather art pieces fit for today’s modern women, without compromising on style or sophistication remaining timeless and classic.

Anni King is the brain child of Joanna Chen who was raised in South Africa. The name of the brand is a fusion of her middle name “Anni” and her fathers name “King”. The idea originated when Joanna realised that a handbag not only fulfills a function for a woman, but it is also makes a statement about her personality and own sense of style.  As Anni puts it, “A woman should dress to express and not to impress, dress for yourself and not for others”… Such wonderful words to live by fashion wise I would say.

Anni King currently have two collections available namely:

Summer/Spring 2014 collection – The Secret Garden which is a fun, feminine collection. Inspired by the spring season, each piece is named after a beautiful flower.

Anni King Summer_Spring

Some items from the Spring/Summer 2014 range

Autumn/Winter 2014 collection – The Foreign Affair which is inspired by the love for travel and the aspiration for the unknown. There is a certain kind of excitement in facing the unknown, being in a foreign country and experiencing a mysterious, new culture.  The Foreign Affair begins with Belgium. This is a country with both tradition and artistic culture and over the years Belgium has seen the emergence of some of the most talented artists. This collection is a joyful celebration of this beautiful country and its artists.

Anni King Autumn_Winter

Some items from the Autumn/Winter 2014 range


Now for the good news! Anni King finally have their own online shop, and guess what? …. Shipping is FREE! Yes you heard right, you can now get your very own Anni King handcrafted leather handbags online with free shipping in South Africa.  Plus there is even a ray of hope for little old me & all the other Anni King fans sitting so far away, they even ship internationally…. YES!!! Thank you online shopping fairies… Best News EVER!!! “rubs hands together & starts making develish plans” *please see terms on international shipping*

So, for more info please go check out their website at and indulge in the beauty which is an Anni King work of art… “swoon”

Anni King Online

Click on photo to go to the Anni King Shop

Happy Shopping beauties ♥

Till next time…

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